Vinegar to Clean Hardwood Floors – Is it Safe?

There’s a lot of controversy on whether or not you should use vinegar to clean hardwood floors. Some professionals say vinegar makes a good floor cleaner, yet others say that vinegar has a low PH and is considered acidic, so it’s good for rinsing instead of cleaning.

Vinegar won’t damage a hardwood floor, but a mild dish liquid is a better choice for cleaning.

Vinegar is safe to use on “non wood” surfaces like vinyl, laminate, and tile, but vinegar should not be used for cleaning wood floors. Since vinegar is acidic and considered a low PH cleaner, it’s not recommended. Vinegar does not cut through grease and dirt very well. A high PH cleaner will cut through grease the best.

If you’re not supposed to use vinegar to clean hardwood floors, what should you use?

Try a neutral floor cleaner. A neutral floor cleaner is safe to use on new and old hardwood floors. Avoid using harsh chemicals like ammonia. Look for a cleaner with environmentally responsible ingredients, or make your own. To make your own neutral homemade wood floor cleaner, dissolve a few drops of mild dish soap in a bucket of water and mix it around until it suds. Dip a sponge mop into the solution and wring it dry. Begin cleaning.

The best way to clean wood floors is usually just with a damp mop or cloth, and elbow grease. If your hardwood floor has any worn areas, don’t use water. Water can enter the seams and penetrate the wood and cause the floor planks to warp.

Some people swear by using vinegar to clean hardwood floors, and if you’ve already used vinegar on your wood floors and they have lost their shine, you can restore the shine and make them look new again with Pro Shot® Floor Restorer.

Hardwood floor care does not include vinegar or petroleum products. The proper way to care for hardwood floors includes sweeping with a soft broom, damp mopping with mild dish liquid and drying the floor, then applying a good quality floor restorer with a sponge mop to help seal and protect your hardwood floors.

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